I’ve never been a huge blogger- my diary has barley been given a workout in a year or so.

I’ve decided this is my space to vent, to be completey honest with myself and to others. Honesty is something I am not good at- I hide my ‘true’ self from pretty much everyone…The writer within me has decided, at long last, to dust off the ol’ memory and begin to write again, about anything, any time.

I’ve been through a number of journeys in my short life, the main one being the tale of love and heartbreak, through the loss of my daughter, Lily, to a miscarriage at 10 weeks into my pregnancy in 2006 when I was just 17, a story of which I am not ashamed of. I am proud to be a teenage mother to an angel baby. I now am a ‘support’ person to many people around the globe, who have suffered the loss of a pregnacy.

This simple act, I beleve has helped my recover and move on, and while Lily is never far from my mind, the journey has made me a stronger person.

I never thought I’d be able to move on, but I have. I am now in a loving relationship with my finace’ of two years, where we both talk of the future, including children. He knows about Lily, and his love and support means the world to me. He holds me when I cry and does not judge me at all. I love this man.

My loss has inspired me to help others in a diffrent way, to help a different generation by becoming a teacher. I get to combine my love of Art and Engish with my passion for teaching others. Although being a teacher is still 3 years away, it is a dream I am chasing and have almost caught!

More thoughts and stories to come…