After a year of living in the city, my inner ‘country girl’ has receently decided to come out to play.
Living in amongst all the buildings and traffic and mayhem, being back in my sleepy home town has made me realise a few things about myself.
As much as I love city life, I have realised that it has been too long since I have been out at night, head upturned, just gazing at the stars..a drive out to the Valley last night made me realise how much I missed it- I have to be abe to se the stars to feel ‘alive’.
There is just something about the way it goes on forever, the inky blackness, dotted with diamonds; the silence that surrounds you, the way that the wind whispers in your ears, the way that you feel safe despite the fact you are so alone…
As well as the stars, I’ve missed watching the sun set in the evenings. There was an absolutley stunning sunset today, one of those that locals can relate to- it was one that made me go ‘NOW I remember why I loved it here…and why people would live here…’
Mostly, I think I’ve missed the freedom of just ‘going for a drive’- not having to think about where you drive to, just KNOWING where you’ll end up- in a familiar, ‘happy’ place, or in my case, somewhere that evokes many incredible, sometimes sad, memories.
Its nice to just ‘be’ again…