It has been a trying day of frustration, tears and ‘what is wrong with me?’ For weeks now, I have been saying “I will worry about the economic crisis when it hits ME” and up til today, I could not see the effects of it on everyday life.

While I am home for the uni break, I was relying on a transfer through a major supermarket chain for work over the 8 weeks, but because of the crisis, they weren’t willing to put me on. I wandered back to a few places where I have previously worked, even to places where I hadn’t, only to get the same response.

“Not hiring at the moment- it’s been really quiet”

So for this retail expert/teacher wannabe, it was a trialling day.

I could be whining about having my leg severed by a tree, or my dog died, or something WORTH whinging about, but the fact that I cannot work because of something that is not my fault is really taking its toll on my self-esteem. I need to be doing something…

So anyway, after all this running around, I took a step back and thought about my situation, realising that I should go back to the beginning. So I did. And hopefully have a job out of it as a deli assistant.

WAAAAAY down on the bottom of my list of jobs to do over summer, but hey. Take what you can in this time of financial uncertainty…