I am hoping 2009 will bring as much joy and as many challenges as 2008 did. Its been a big year for me as a person, and I feel as thought I have grown from it.
It has been a year where I have accepted and come to terms with the loss of Lily- 2 years on. It has been a long, painful journey, but I DID IT! I will never forget her, or how she touched my life, but I’m here still. I’m at the end of the tunnel. I thought I’d never make it.

Its also been a year of new experiences, where I have moved away from home for good and have a totally new life for myself. Living in the city has been an adventure, one where I have met so many people and have seen so many new things.

Being away from my fiance for most of the year makes us cherish the time we have together, and we are one of the few couples who have a long distance relationship that WORKS! We are happily in love and wouldn’t change a thing for now.

2008 has also been a year where I have followed through with something…” I am going to…” starts off many sentences, but ‘I am going to uni to become a teacher’ is one that I’VE ACTUALLY PERSUED!

It has been a challenging, fun and rewarding experience for me, and is just the beginning of my journey into teaching. I cannot wait to make a difference to my student’s lives and inspire them to succeed in what ever path they should choose to follow.

I am not really sure if someone out there is following my blog, or if anyone has even tubled upon it, but to those who read this, all the best for the Festive season and best wishes for 2009…