I thought I’d quickly bring anyone who is interested up to speed. I’m still alive.

DF and I are currently going through testing times, pardon the pun. We may or may not be pregnant.

I’m scared and he is scared, but we’re waiting another week or so beofre we drag out the pee stick.

I have all the symptoms- morning ( all day) sickness, sore boobs, exhausted by 3pm which means lots of naps, a coffee sensitivity and a late period.

I am still so young, and not ready. I keep telling myself it is nothing, just my body playing up, but there is always a nagging thought ‘what if…’

I love to think of the whole baby growing, huge belly, someone entirely dependent on us, but on the other hand…My career. My life now. There is no room for a baby. Then I’d also be right back where I started- in my home town, broke and pregnant too young…

I will know for sure in about a week, but I’m sure this post will be just me worrying, rather than saying my suspicions are correct… I’d give ANYTIHING for a baby, even now., especially given everything I have been through…I really am confused!!!