It is rainng. At long last, after many months of blue skies, it it cloudy, dark and dreary!  I am so not a sumer girl. My favourite time of year is when the temps drop ( Australia’s equivalent of ‘cold’) and I get to wear my wool jacket. It reminds me of hot chocolate, warm fires and trashy TV that we watch because we can’t leave the house!


It often stirkes me as strange when rain like this pops up in the middle of summer- it was 39 degrees the other day….but it is a very, very welcome change from the heat, sun and of course- sunburn!

I think that this is also the least stressed I have been for a few weeks. It’s nice to have some ‘me’ time for a change instead of running around after the kids ( 1st year students) that need my help at uni…It probably makes a difference that it is my day off too! I am thinking my next post will be from my office. I have my own office at uni now! I’m mentoring with my faculty this year and have been supplied my office. It makes me giggle somewhat!