A baby should be moving,

Not lying deathly still,

A baby should be pink and warm

Not blue and cold,

A baby should be fighting his or her parents to dress it,

Not being stiffly dressed in clothes to be buried in,

A baby should be loved and cuddled,

Not visited in a graveyard or held in a parent’s heart.

A baby should be ALIVE,

Not taken from us…

I am a member of several ‘groups’  on Facebook, relating to pregnancy and infant loss. Parents that are lucky enough to have photos of their angels, have posted them ( photos of their children). I looked at a few tonight, and felt inspired to write a little of how these parents mst feel, and some of what I felt, now going onto 2, nearly 3 years, since I lost her.

It is so hard to forget them, yet it is often too hard to remember our angels…without the pain, without the sadness. I am glad to finally be able to say that I do not feel this sadness any more. I just smile a gentle little smile and whisper a thought to Lily, and know she is watching over me somewhere.