Just to report…

I have been up since 4am- my fiance is coming down for the weekend, so I’ve booked this weekend off work. Which meant that I picked up an extra shift this morning, starting at 5am. I am not so sure that the money is worth it, seeing as I finished at 9am and had Life Drawing class at 9:30am.

Needless to say, I made it to uni on time, tired and grumpy!

In baby news:

Heather had her baby girl on saturday! I am so happy for her. She’s already a wonderful mummy to her angel son Aodin, and I have no doubst she’ll be an amazing mummy to Evi too đŸ™‚

Still no action with B- any day now, I am hoping!

.But enough baby news. I am feeling ok again about ‘everyone’ having babies and being pregnant…My time will come again- before I know it, I have no doubt. I just have to wait my turn.

I turn 20 this week.

People roll their eyes when I say ‘my god I feel old’, but there is something about it that just seems…well, grown up. I will be a proper adult.

It has been 20 years since I made my rather dramatic entrace to the world, at a mere 25-26 weeks gestation and now look. Helathy, happy ( as happy as I can be), doing well at uni, engaged…and alive. I came so close to death in the first precarious weeks of my life.

I am just one of the lucky ones. 20 years ago I survived, whereas so many born today, even with the technology and developments in medicine, they do not make it. That scares me.

It also makes me appreciate everything I have. Luck, and fate, I believe, kept me here. I am supposed to do SOMETHING with my life, but I am not sure what…yet…