It is a little delayed, but my mothers day post…Well, do I even get to say I had a Mother’s day? It is a difficult day for those who are a member of our club…we have dead babies- does this make us mothers still? I think it does, and it makes us even more special than the other mums.

I am sorry to say my love, that I did not feel the same this year. It hurt less, just a little smile to remember you my butterfly…

I feel a little guilty for feeling this way, but I guess this is the guilt associated with moving on. If I feel this way, am I even allowed to call myself a mother? What am I?

Am I a mother? Am I a failure of a mother? I feel like I failed. My body failed me. I am a daughter, a girlfriend, a student, a friend, a teacher, a mentor, a lifeline to teenage loss mums, I am a bakery girl, a Centerlink baby, apparrently an artist, an ‘aunty’ to several friend’s babies, I am me.

But am I a mother?