It’s funny, now that I know that people now read my blog, I feel as though I should be writing a bit more often.

My 20th came and went. It was a nice day, but honestly, the older I get, the less fun birthdays seem to be. It’s really just another day. I miss the weeks of anticipation, the excitment and all the ‘fun’ things that made it such a day when we were young…

I’m excited-DF is coming to see me today! We’ve been apart for about 5 weeks, so it will be a fab weekend. He makes me so happy. We’ve reached a ‘big step’. He’s definitley moving here next year, perhaps sooner. It is so exciting to think of us making a home together at long last. Next will be announcing the engagement I suppose :S It will happen soon!

Uni is going well, although I have to admit, I am hanging out for the break. Then after the break in June, we have our first Professional Practice coming up soon after. It is an exciting thought, but it scares me. I have never worked with high school students beofre, only primary… I am hoping for a good outcome though!