I’ve been a little quiet lately…haven’t had the time/enegrgy to update…

DF managed to get himself quite injured on the earlier in May…I was at the art gallery with my best friend , and I recieved a text- ‘hi honey…i’m at the hospital, don’t wait you to worry.” So I didn’t!

Poor love! There wasn’t much I could do from 500ks away, and when he rang soon after, he said “I expected you to be more worried!’  I was worried, but I knew he was ok.

So 8 stitches, a trip to the doctor, the dentist and a course of antibiotics, he came to see me. Poor kid looks a bit banged up, but for the most part, he’s a trooper.

Also getting to the business end of the semester at . It’s been a hard semester with such a big workload, but so worth it. The exhaustion is getting annoying, but I’ll make up for it with a 3 week holiday next month!

My best friend B is being induced tonight. SO maybe by this time tomorrow, she’ll be a mummy… :S

I am happy and relieved that it is all over. She’ll have her little baby and hopefully be a little more comfortable. I feel a little selfish, but I am glad that it is all over. I have given up a LOT of my own time to help her out, go to the hospital, keep her company, I was even there the night she found out she was pregnant- I had to buy the test 😀 She’s let me share her pregnancy with her, which has been a very special and beautiful experience…

It will all be over by tomorrow though.