I have so far written 2 blog entries…now my 3rd…for today!

I dream of what I fear the most- not being able to hang onto my next little baby. I told DF of my horrible, horrible dream too. He hugged me and whispered “oh honey”. I needed that reassurance.

I dreamed that my pregnancy had reached 14 weeks, only to once again miscarry. The sadness and grief I felt was all too real and I could not stop crying. It was too much for me, both DF and I were devestated beyond words.  My poor little boy. I think it was a boy.

It makes me so sad to continue having these types of dreams, and scared for my future, our future. God how I pray that my first miscarriage is not a sign of things to come- please let me be able to concieve with no difficulty, be able to carry my baby to term and birth a healthy child.

Please let DF be able to be the father of my children. Please let your possible infertility be a worry of the past…

Please let me, us, one day be parents, together.