So I write this post, my eyes hanging out of my head and my body weary from a combination of a stressful uni week, a bad night’s sleep ( well a bad month’s sleep really), and a strenuous shift at work. Although, on the plus side, I recieved a gift from my manager to say ‘thanks for working so hard for the last 4 weeks’ which was such a nice gesture!

And also stocked up on lots of nice, healthy fresh fruit and veg- I’m absolutley -craving- healthy, fresh cooked stuff at the moment- dinner has consistently been chicken sausages, or breast, or turkey with boiled vegetables…A combination of cravings and a sudden laziness when it comes to cooking for one’s self!

On that note, I am still feeling the same- teetering on the edge of feeling ok again, and falling back down… I am so distracted at the moment…I only half listen to things- my concentration level is that of a 2 year old at the moment…But I am going to see how I go until next week, and make an appointment to see my GP here. I am hoping my nice healthy meals, my mega-potent multi vitimans and a little relaxing will help- then again, there’s only so much that I can do on my own. I really think I just need to distract myself from my own thoughts- although it dosen’t solve the problem. I’d just be avoiding it.

I think it is the tiredness that comes from bad diet and not being able to sleep properly, the early starts- I get woken at 7:15 by construction across the road…every morning, the interrupted sleep from my living situation, the sudden, dramatic increse in uni work after break and being away from DF…I think none of this is helping.