I went to visit the school I am doing my first teaching “prac” at yesterday…I am not scared anymore- In fact, I can’t wait to go now! I’m only teaching 7-10 which is a relief and my supervisor teacher is wonderful! I remembered why I am doing this whole uni thing again…Being in that classroom yesterday, it just felt…I dont know…right? It felt right. It’s where I am supposed to be, and I have to remember that.

I am doing this for you, Lily Bug.

So after my exctiting day yesterday, I have no motivation to catch up on some major uni assessments that are due soon after Prac. I know I have to, but I slept so badly that a day on FB, in front of the TV is sounding more tempting…

How bad is that?

I am missing Lily a little today, which probably doesn’t help things. I am only missing her a tiny bit though. I know she’ll watch over me.

Here’s to getting some work done!