I had my first awful class today. About 7 kids were just horrible. Ratty, touching each other, other people’s work, getting out of their seats more often than neccesary, putting no effort in, arguing with me, back chatting…the list goes on. I felt awful, because the rest of the class was so well behaved, and produced some really nice work.

I ended up moving 2 students, and having a word to several as well. Overall it was just attitude and behaviour problems, mixed in with ‘Friday-itis’. However, it totally ruined my day, and was a downer heading into the weekend, but there isn’t much I can do…

My solution to these kids? ONE warning and then it’s away from the people they’re sitting with ( isolation) and copying out of an art book, word for word- a hard one.

I honestly hate to punish kids, but these guys just got under my skin! And they knew it. But I didn’t let it show…and I am going into monday showing no fear- Period 1 monday is my next lesson with them, so we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s to a 5am start tomorrow for work! 😦