I cannot believe that my weekend is nearly over already. I suppose that’s what you get when you’re juggling!

It’s been a week of 6:30am starts, Monday to Friday, teaching or observing all day at school, then not getting home ’til close to 5pm.

Then Saturdays, it’s a 5am start for work…I don’t know why I am doing this to myself! I really really wish I had booked the time off work, but little ol’ determined me said “nooo, what’s 3 weeks of more or less working full time at school- work on Saturday’s won’t hurt..”

Suck on that subconscious! I am absolutley exhausted, and sick, and in need of another day off.

Oh well. Stop complaining. Things could be worse…

I have my horrible class again tomorrow…Only instead of punishing the naughty children I am going to have, they get to go to the library to complete a research task…THEY DON’T DESERVE TO!!! Arragh! If I had it my way, they’d be using books…actually there’s an idea- if the kids I have my eye on mess up, they’ll be off the computers and researching using boring old books ( their opinion, not mine!) faster than they can say “aaaaawwww, Miss- that’s not fair!’

So there. Actually, that’s made me feel much better!

‘Teacher Bitch’ AKA Deepdreamer