I honestly cannot remember the last time I posted. From memory, I believe it was just before I finished Prac.

I passed my prac with flying colours and got a glowing report! I survived the last day of school intact, even with a relief teacher working with me!

I was exhausted after those 3 weeks though. I have spent my last week or so sleeping in, catching up on assessments and helping my friends move.  My ‘bogan’ friends finally got a house on government listing, so they can afford a place to themselves at long last. They moved about 80ks away, so I will have to limit my visits to day trips or long weekend trips only 🙂

I’ve worked my usual shifts, and come home exhausted, This weekend and last, I have spent the day hopped up on Red Bull, as I have had two weekends worth of going out 🙂

Last weekend R and I went on a ‘date’ . We very rarely get dressed up and go out anymore. Our weekends together generally consist of take out and what ever movie is on the TV on a Sat night, and then bed by about 10pm…So it was a nice change to get dressed up, put on a lovely dress, put makeup on and eat and drink wine to our hearts content!

He’s down here for a week and a bit for work, so it is great timing, as I have to classes! OH! and I am also off home this weekend, I have booke dit off work.

Sooo my weekend is going to consist of a ball- masquerade themed- on Friday night, with 5 hours unlimited alcohol, and a 3 course meal. Saturday R and I are getting up and driving 500ks to go home, then it is my friends 21st Sat night, with a quite large bar tab, and then an 11:45am bus ride back to uni…and then class on Monday!

Oh dear.

What have I gotten myself into???