Feeling as though I am sliding into an awful drpression again…

Oh my little guy, why couldn’t you stay here with me? I know it was not the time for a baby- I still have 2 years of uni to go, your daddy and I are still living apart- til next month anyway- I am flat out with ‘life’ in general, and yet there you were. Little heartbeat I could hear..your presence stopping my world. I wanted you from the moment I found out about you..

In my heart, I know it was not your time…you were needed for something bigger. Although, what that is, I will never know.

I hope that wherever you are, you are happy and healthy…I hope your big sister Lily is looking after you, and all of my angel mums and dad’s babies are your friends. I hope you are not alone and scared…I hope you are alive and free. I hope you are better off, wherever you are…without me to look after you.

Please look over me, and be nice to your big sister!

I love you.