Well…I have found a diet lifestyle change that I think I can stick to… Heather ( yummysushipajamas) gave me the idea…I looked into it and it sounds really good!

I am not one for dieting, becuase quite frankly, at 5’10’, and almost 60kgs, I don’t need it, but this revolves around healthy eating, excersise and ALCOHOL- that’s right…alcohol! Well, red wine anyway…only prob is, I can’t drink red…I’, a white girl! But I am sure we’ll find our way around it!

Essentially, the diet has emphasis on lots of fresh fruit and veg, seafood as a main part of my intake, in place of meat, some dairy and poultry, with red meat and sweets being consumed occasionally….

Along with regular excersise and lots of water…I reckon I can do this! It’s not a diet! It’s a lifestyle change!!!