1: The customer is always right- even when they’re yelling in your face!

2: Just because I have had 2 miscarriages before I was 21, it does not mean that people get to judge me.

3: Cutting and other forms of self harm are not a good way to deal with my emotions following my m/c’s.

4: Buying clothes that ‘look’ as though they will fit, probably won’t….try them on!

5: off milk and mouldy bread ARE going to give you food poisoning 😀

6: Fish/pets in general cannot feed themselves- otherwise they die!

7: Teenage kids in schools are turds…

8:My friends know more about me than my parents do…

9: My finace is my best friend- your partner should be your friend above all else!

10: My life so far does not define the rest of my life…just becuase I have had a difficult few years, does not mean that I do not deserve what I want- to finish uni, be a great teacher, get married, have a family, live in my white-picket fenced home with my 2 dogs and live the simple life….it’s all I want…. The last 5 years of my life do not mean that I woll not get this!