It has been well and truly over a month since I have properly updated, and I have had so much happen that I cannot think straight!

Let’s see…Christmas was a quiet affair, spent with my wonderful fiance, my family and his family. Sepearate events, of course! I did have a little cry for my babies, but only a little one. I am proud of myself this year.

2 litle precious babies arrived over December. My close friend, previously mentioned as ‘S’, gave birth to her little girl on the 20th of December. I had forgotten just how tiny a brand new  baby is! I am so proud of my 2 god children. I hope that their tiny lives bring them all they could hope for.

A friend of mine from uni also had her baby- Dec 27th, I think…Still waiting to meet her little boy, and I can’t wait. I was the designated person for buying the gift for her, so  I spent yesterday trawling the stores for some lovely  gifts. I have to admit, it was hard, but I swallowed my pain and kept going. As opposed to breaking down in the middle of the shopping center.

We wound up getting her and the baby:

-A onsie with no feet- perfect for our hot Australian summer

-2 pairs of booties

-a 7 pack of bibs- one for each day!

-A 3 pack of jumpsuits in lovley little colours

-4 muslin wraps in bright orange, green, blue and purple

-New PJ’s for mum

-A Natio ( skincare) giftpack

I always remember that mum wants to be looked after as well, so we hope we’ve covered them both well 🙂

We had friends from my home-town come to stay with us for New Years, which was really nice. A good few days filled with drinking, eating and more drinking!

Other than that, not much has been going on. Just work really. I am leading a fairly boring life these days! Will update properly, and soon!

xo Deepdreamer