That I remember why I love him so deeply, and that I know, that at only 20, this is the man I am going to marry!

We were lying in bed last night, just talking, TRYING to go to sleep…I cannot even remember what we were talking about- Life expreience and how people think that because I am only young, that I have none…I think that was it. Anyway, we began to talk about when I lost Lily. DF asks me where my box is with all of her stuff in it- my memory box.

I gave it to him about a year or so after I lost her. He moved in here with me, and when I was unpacking his things, I found it. It went into my wardrobe, and that is where it stays.

Anyway, he asks me where it is so that he can check something. I ask him what, he replies “So I know for sure what dates I need to know to keep an eye on you, to give you a hug”. I am so very touched. I love him so very much.

He knows that the 17th March is Lily’s due date, and August 10th is the day that I lost her….He will never forget, just as I will never forget.

My husband-to-be is amazing. He is so thoughtful and caring…I need to remember this the next time we argue…