Had you stayed with me, long enough for me to give birth to you, today would be your 3rd birthday. Three, my love. Three. I cannot even begin to imagine myself with a 3 year old.

 A little version of me. A small person. Not a baby anymore, but a little person who can walk and talk, play and run, and tell her mummy “I love you”. I can imagine you’d be painting me all sorts of pictures for me- I’d like to think that you’d have my artistic streak…

You’d stand at a height- just under my hip I think, your dark hair easy for me to rest my hand on at that height. And you’d be starting  to understand so much of what is going on in the world. But not too much that it takes away your innocence.

There is so much that I have missed out on becuase you were taken so soon. So many of my hopes and dreams, my plans were snatched away when I lost you. But becuase of you, I was able to grow, to learn to love.

Most importantly, you, my Lily-Bug, my little flower, you made me a mother. I am your mummy, no matter what.

I love you.

xx Mummy