I cannot get their tiny little faces out of my head.

Every time I close my eyes, I can see a little blue blanket, and a little pink one, two little tiny twin babies wrapped up, safe and warm.
They were premature- about 23-24 weeks I think. I had one, DF had the other. As new parents, we didn’t really know what to do with these tiny little miracles, but hold them, and try to make them stop crying.

I guess we knew that they were dying.

I know I cried- a lot. I sat and I sang to the baby I held in my arms, DF with the other one, stitting next to me. I cannot remember what I sang, all I know is that I sat, I sang and I rocked and I held this tiny little baby as he slipped away in my arms.

The dream I had was so intense that I have not been able to get their little faces out of my head. Each time I close my eyes, these tiny babies are there… I hope that, even though it was only a dream, that these babies did not suffer…

❤ ❤