Well, it seems that my immune system has totally given up on me. I started out with that pesky,annoying cold that you get evey season- you know, the one where you feel like crap, and it’s enough to make you want to sleep all the time, but it’s not quite enough to render you unfit to work and slob around all day??

You know the one 🙂

The same cold has struck me down 3 times- THREE TIMES- in the space of about 8 weeks. I have a charming sounding ( hacking, horrible) cough, the kind that rattles your whole chest if you aren’t careful, irritated by the cold air in my house, and accompanying this is a sore throat as well as the general “bleh” that goes with being sick.

The first cold, I ignored the sign. The second cold, I actually though “what if…” The third?

Well, I know that God, or mother nature, or who ever- they’re well and truly laughing at me now.

I came to realise, just after losing my second baby, that with both pregnancies, in the early weeks- the first 4-5 weeks- I come down with these irritating little colds. I cannot tell if it is simply my body telling me “HEY YOU- YOU’RE PREGNANT”, or if it is my body saying “guess what- this is the beginning of the end”.

So, as mentioned, the second bout of illness, I began to think “What if???”

Then, low and behold, my period came. So there goes that idea.

I should probably stop reading into things so much.

So yeah, Mother nature is laughing at me. I am on a combination of bed rest, Berocca, echinacea and cough syrup. Icky, yicky “Tropical” (read: DISGUSTING) *only works for a few hours* cough syrup.


F*** You so much mother nature, karma, whoever.


Yours in health,