It’s beginning to be an “every second night” thing now, where I dream of either being pregnant, or giving birth to a baby.It’s beginning to get a bit ridiculous. And not to mention, unfair.

I dreamed that I was in labour. The pain was so intense that I could not stay in one spot, and every contraction rocked me to my core. I could FEEL every single one people! In my freaking dream, I could feel the contractions. It was intense. Everything was so detailed and “real”. I could see and feel the sweat beads on my skin, on my legs, on my forehead. It was all so real.

No wonder I woke up exhasted this morning.

After it was all over, I went to see my baby. He- I think it was a boy- was in the NICU, something was wrong, but he was doing ok at that moment. I think my mother was with me.

I must have woken up some time after this, the images from this very real, intense dream, still rolling around in my head.

I can’t erase the images of this.