My heart leapt into my throat this morning,as I read a status updat of a friend on Facebook.

“My friend’s baby died, can you please donate for a gift to ease her pain.”

My heart went out to the girl, and then I read further.

Her cat had died.

Now, I understand having pets as children, and refering to them as “my baby”, but I feel a bit put out.

The only description we got was that it was “her baby” and not “her cat, her baby”. I don’t know if I have the right to be offended, but a simple further explaination would have been nice.

DICLAIMER: I am NOT saying that referring to your animals as “your baby” is bad, or that you shouldn’t do it. I used to call my cat (rest her soul) the same thing. Losing a cat and losing a baby are very different and shouldn’t be confused.