It’s been a month- gve or take- since I blogged about not having a baby, or even falling pregnant, in the near future.

(Says me, who just raced downstairs to take my pill- which I forgot last night…)

And you know what? Beause I have given myself that mental slap in the face, I am feeling so much better about…well, everything. You know, the thought of having a baby hasn’t even crossed my mind in a number of weeks. Well, maybe it has a little, but not so much.

I think that putting it out there- the promise to “find myself”- in the blog-o-sphere helped immensley. It’s like  contrat to myself, written in ink for the world to see. Nothing can get rid of that promise now.

I am beginning to make the journey towards accepting that a baby cannot and probably will not happen for at LEAST another 5 years.  I think telling myself that has helped.

It does not stop the longing to be a mother, but it helps fill the hole for the time being.