I asked my friend Kay ( mommyofoctoberangels.blogspot.com) what she thought of my latest idea, which promprted a blog post from her, about her idea. Pop over and have a look. She’s looking into funding to get the project off the ground.  We even talked about her investigating a not-for-profit status. I hope she can do it.

I live just down the road from a Pregnancy Help center. They offer a variatey of services to people facing a pregnancy under unplanned circumstances. I am at the point now in my journey where I feel as though I am ready to give back to the world.

I am planning to get in contact with the center to offer to do some volunteer work, maybe once a week. Or even just to offer a flier to link parents who may lose their babies in with online communities that have helped me so much.

Just a matter of calling them.

I think this could be a good thing for me.