I KNOW, I know…

I keep having inspiration for posts, but I am usually away from my laptop when these lightning bolt ideas strike.

I think I should write them down.

My life in dot points since 10/02/2011 ( my last post)

– I began my first day of my last year (!) of my teaching degree today. I was hungover, so points to me for actually making it to the lecture today.

– My friend got married yesterday, and the whole thing was just lovely.

-Visited my home-town for a week. It was nice to see my family again.

-My partner and I got OFFICIALLY (!)ENGAGED on Valentine’s Day!!!! So have been plotting planning a wedding, just quiely. I promised DF ( Darling Fiance) that I wouldn’t even begin to think about (or begin to plan) our wedding until November, when I finish uni.

What he dosen’t know won’t hurt right? πŸ™‚

-Aside from today, I have been feeling a lot better. The exhaustion seems to have gone away. I’ve found getting up early (7am-ish) and being in bed at a reasonable hour each night has helped.

I think that’s about it.

I’m getting back to Googling wedding dresses. I mean, doing some form of housework…