I know I am not supposed to really be noticing a dramatic change being on Zoloft ( for a total of 3 days). But I have noticed one thing. Usually, my mind is a whirl of a million different thoughts, feelings and questions. Literally, whirling!

I cannot switch it off, and it is the reason that I suffer from insomnia- I don’t fall asleep easily, and I am a very light sleeper to top it off.

My mind just does not stop! Ever!

Over the last few days of being on Zoloft, I have found that in small moments, my mind stops, and inbetween thoughts, there is nothing, no nagging thoughts or worries, just blank. Like white noise, a constant noise in the background, my thoughts are always there. Having the break is nice. I have moments where I realise I haven’t thought about anything in the space of about 20 seconds. It dosen’t seem long, but for me, it is a very welcome break.

Unfortunately, I had to take my last pill at 4:30am yesterday. It meant that the effects must have worn off throughout the night. It meant that I woke at 5am today, my mind literally buzzing with thoughts, and I was stressing about my “to-do” list. Great. I forced myself out of bed at 5:30, and have been up since then…

I wonder if the pill really blocks out a lot of my thoughts? Calms me down? I’ll keep track of it, but if this is the only effect I get from it, then yay!