So, casting my mind back a few days, I mentioned that I was sleeping better…WELL…I lied. Well, not lied, but going up to the “full” dose of meds, I have been less tired during the day, the headaches have all but disappeared and I feel IN CONTROL (!!) of my mood swings. I’m not angry.

However, I have noticed that while I am not exhausted, I feel almost “wired” when I am going to bed. I think I am tired, but then I lie there for a while- about half an hour at least. It’s kind of annoying, but I guess if that’s the only side effect I have, then I cant complain.

I didn’t entirely think about it when the doctor was asking me about if we were planning children any time soon. I said that despite my miscarriage, we weren’t “planning” children for another 5 years at least. One of the major side effects to Zoloft is a hugely increased risk of birth defects and/or stillbirth in pregnancy while on the drug….They reccomend that you avoid being on it once you get past the 2nd trimester of pregnancy…

Oh dear…

So, I guess that’s it for baby making dreams…well and truly on hold for now. I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I know we’re not planning to fall pregnant, but I am testimony to “accidentally falling pregnant” while on the pill. It happens.

Until this period of depression is fully treated ( the doctor says after about a period of 6 months or so at least), no babies-accidental or not- for me. And I think I am ok with that. I need to be well mentally, and on top of everything physically, so I guess its ok.