For the most part, the Zoloft has taken effect. I have been on it for 3 weeks now, and I can safely say that the side effects from it have been minimal.

I have been noting some very, very slight nausea/strange feeling in my stomach.

I have been more “jumpy”, very easy to startle or scare, and it almost seems that when the anxiety strikes, it is REALLY REALLY REALLY BAAAADDD!!!! Example- I had to run DF to work ( following a night of him being out with his mates…), and had an exam to make. I was about 30 minutes out of the exam, and still on the road, stuck in gridlock…I was finding it increasingly difficult to prevent a panic attack. I DID manage it, but under a great struggle.

I have also noticed that my coordination seems to have gone out the window. It is nothing serious like crashing my car or falling over, but I have noticed that my spatial awareness seems to have gotten pretty bad. I have so many cuts and scratches on my hands from work, and severl bruises on my legs from where I have crashed into things. I think I have moved far enough away from something, but I don’t! I looked it up on Dr Google, and it says to contact the doctor as lack of coordination is a servere side effect…I am guessing it is only servere if you DO crash your car. It is only a minor thing, more annoying than anything. Especially because the hand I have cut up, it is the hand I wear my engagement ring on!

I have been able to function, on the whole, quite well. I will be mentioning the increased anxitey and the coordination thing to the doctor next week in my follow up appointment.

Happy Easter all!