Some days, I think it is a good thing that I am too busy to stop and think and reflect.

It has been 3 months ( give or take) since I started on what I call “happy pills”, and its strange. It is kind of like being in limbo. Everything feels ok, until the moment when all of a sudden, something hits me.

A memory, a feeling, a thought.

It is enough to bring everything to the surface, placing me on the verge of a panic attack.

Emotionally, mood wise, I am a million times better.

But the anxiety part of this illness? Oh goodness….I have given the Zoloft time to work, but I think it might be time for another visit to the doctor, because this crushing, crippling, out of control feeling of anxiety…It is something that is almost worse than having no control.

On that note, because I am away from the doctor who diagnosed me, and knows my medical history, so does anyone think it would be ok to make an appointment at a different surgery with a different doctor to discuss this?

Something tells me that hugely increased anxiety is NOT somthing that is a “good” side effect.