This is sooooooo  far from a happy, shiny post that it isn’t even funny.

I seem to blog a lot that I am sick. I don’t tend to get horrifically sick often, more just run down, catch a cold, be over it in 4 days type thing.

The way I am feeling right now, I would gladly let someone put a bullet in my head.

Usually when I get sick it is just a tickly throat, a stuffy nose and cranky mood. This time?

My throat is so sore and swollen that I can not swallow without wincing and literally holding my throat. It HURTS! My whole body is aching, I keep getting hot and cold, and my throat-if I can swallow- is so full of gunk that I feel sick from swallowing it all. And if I have to cough? Well…Not to mention the pains I get when I a *really* sick, that generate from my lower back/kidneys all the way down into my legs…

Usually when I am sick, I can just dose myself up on drugs and power through it. This bout of illness, I can not even stand up in the shower. It hurts when DF touches me.

So I am, as a result, writing this from bed.

I truly hate feeling this way. I just wish I had something postive to post.

This too shall pass.