If you panicked when you read the title, don’t! It wasn’t me who experienced the loss.

A near and dear fellow baby lost mama recently experienced a blighted ovum- the beginnings of a pregnancy, and the end of it. She wasn’t, and still isn’t sure how to deal with it, but has begun by accepting this as a “real” baby, naming it “Lilla Bjorn” or “Little Bear” in Sweedish.

We all process loss differently, and for now, getting through it one day at a time is all she can ask for.

On a different note, I have two lovely white boxes sitting on my dining rooom table. Light, but filled with hope. And gifts. I have two ladies who I have known (only online for now) since almost the beginning of this journey, who are very very close to my heart. They have both struggled and overcome the loss of their babies. These packages are a reminder to both of them that they are STRONG, and their babies mean a lot to me.



I don’t entirely know how I am feeling since increasing the Zoloft dosage the other month. I’ve just finished off the first pack. I feel more even, I can’t drink very much without getting a cracker hangover, I feel like I am beginning to crawl out of this hole I found myself in.

Its a slow process, but I think I am getting there…