I was warned when I began taking anti-depressants again, that it could take a while to feel the effects of it.

I expected the “lag” to be a few weeks.

Little did I know that it would take 7 months for it to settle in and work completely. But, over the last few weeks, I have finally begun to find and feel glimpses of the “old” me. I can genuinley say I am feeling good about 85% of the time, and singing along to the radio in my car like nobody’s business.

I like feeling like this, even if it is with the assistance of Zoloft. I am ok with that. They’re a part of my life that I am not ashamed of. I’ve begun to let go of the control-freakiness, I am no longer ripping DF’s head off over him moving a TV remote.

I have begun to smile again. A real smile, a genuine one.