And I don’t mean on a pregnancy test….

Here is a list of the following reasons I am happy to wait for kids now:

1- I get to visit Kirsten in America, with nothing but a suitcase and love. I can.just.go. Because I don’t have kids to worry about

2-I don’t have to share my food with my kids, because they like what is on my plate better.

3- I can drink wine.

4-I like my 8hours+ uninterrupted sleep.

5- I can hop in my car and drive to visit people without thinking about it.

6- I can have a non-baby-proof home.

7-I can drink wine

8-I can think of Post-Graduate studies for 2012 without thinking of money or day care or small child.

9-I’ve been able to focus my energies on getting well rather than getting preggo.

Lastly, but most importantly;

10- I can drink wine.