That awkward moment when you were a kid, and it seemed like everyone else has “the” latest toy, and you don’t have it because your parents have enough sense to know that the lust for said toy is going to pass.

I’ve just realised I’ve lost a dear friend of mine because I don’t have the cool toy. Or in this case, a baby.

It began with my usual “stalk” on FB. Clicked on her profile only to realise she’s deleted me. Which was very strange, as we share about 15 friends in common. So I knew it was just me that she’s de-friended…FB is a very fickle thing, so I didn’t take it too seriously.

I then sent her a private message saying “Ooops, I think I deleted you by accident” thinking that she may be embarrased. I hadn’t realised, but she’d defriended me (as did her husband) at least a month before hand.

No reply.

I then sent her an SMS a day or so later.

No response.

Then a day after that, I called her. Left a voice message.

I don’t think I need to say what happened.

I was at as loss as to what to do, because I had heard nothing from her, despite me saying that I’d love to see her and her new baby.

I wanted to give them a card for the festive season, and figured I might as well personally deliver it, and see if she was home.

No one home.

A few hours later, I recieved a very long winded text message saying (essenntially) “thanks, but I am too busy with my life to be friends with you”. So the last but, she didn’t say, but the message was very carefully worded to say ” I don’t have time for you” without actually saying it.

I replied with a basic “that’s ok, I understand. I’d love for us to get together for a coffee sometime in the New Year.”

I did what I could do, and have left the ball in her court. But I know it won’t be served back to my side of the net.

My friends have told me that I have them, which I LOVE, but there’s still a little part of me that would like an honest explanination.

I’d rather honesty than silence.