With open arms, that it!

I blogged, about a year ago now, letting go, about embracing change, and discovering the real “me”, the me that isn’t defined by the fact that my babies died.

Well, I tried.

And in some ways, succeeded.

I can safely say, that while it is always at the back of my mind, the nagging, gut-wrenching longing for a baby, has gone.

It has been replaced with Zoloft, working 5 days a week, volunteering my time to a support group for bereaved parents, planning the building of a house, and planning my wedding. And taking time out for me.

To have time to get my head together, at long last, has been nothing short of amazing for me.

2011 was a long, challenging year.

I welcome 2012 with open arms- a year to work on my career, my relationship, and myself.

All the best to you and yours for 2012!