I keep thinking of blog posts, or topics, but I am never near my laptop when these little nuggets of inspiration strike.

I honestly have no idea where this blog post is going, but I find it theraputic to just sit here, type, and see what happens.

It’s been an interesting, full on few weeks.

The most important thing of all? I finally, finally, finally landed a teaching job! A full 6 months after graduating. All I can say is that I am absolutley thrilled to bits, nervous, but also relieved. This job will open so many doors for me!

There has been a small niggle of doubt, and I am going to seem crazy for even going there again, but depending on what happens over the next week or so ( I am really hoping it will just be a super bad cycle), I may very well be taking maternity leave from said job.

I KNOW it is my hyperactive brain going even further into overdrive, but let’s add it up. My boobs have been so incredibly sore and swollen for 2 weeks now. Usually, this happens in the lead up to my period, but not for this length of time. I think my period is trying to come early, with some on and off spotting (TMI, I know), as well as being a little more run down than usual- think “Oh, I’ll just close my eyes for a moment”, wake up two hours later- that sort of pooped.

I know I’ll be saying that this time next week, I’ll be at the end of my period, and this niggle of worry has been for nothing- AGAIN- and I can go on my merry way, taking my happy pills, contraceptive pill and drinking far too much wine.

It doesent mean I’m not secretly hoping that this time, it may have worked. This time it might stick.

This time, I am overreacting!

Stay tuned.