Not this time!

Part of me is sad, but the other part is relieved. My DF told me he wasn’t worried, and I wasn’t hugely worried. I guess the fear of another unplanned pregnancy has lessened now that I have completed my studies, we’re both ( temoprarily in my case for one term) employed in our careers full time, and about to begin building our home. We’re getting married, things are amazing. While there is never a “prefect” time for a baby, if we were to be fortunate enough to “fall” again, it wouldn’t be as scary or as financially crippling, or leaving us needing to give up the only spare space in our rental for a baby.

Our time, too will come. 2012 marks 3 years since my 2nd loss, and 6 years since my 1st. They say things happen in 3’s- a loss so far every 3 years, the next pregnancy will be number 3 for me, so who knows…What will 2012 bring for us?