Everyone, well a lot of people I know anyway, see June as the halfway point to the year;as a fresh start, a do-over. June has crept up on us out of no where, and suddenly we’re nearly 10 days in.

So far, I wish I could turn the clock back.

For me personally, the mid-point of 2012 has been marked with a severe strain of ‘flu that has been doing the rounds. I have managed one day of work, and have spent 4 days trying to shift it. With the help of a doctor’s visit, and some powerful antibiotics, I think I am on the mend.

Coensiding with the flu, (TMI alert to follow) has been a very very weird discharge. It is so dark it looks black, but for the first day or so, it was a light red. I think it has stopped today, but it is all very very weird, considering my period was 2 weeks ago. I don’t usually suffer from mid-cycle discharge, the only reason I can think of is that maybe my uterus just had a touch more lining to expel? Man. My body is reaaaaly chucking a hissy fit at me.

Run down much?

I’ve hated having to miss work because of being ill, and am looking forward to getting back next week.

In the latter half of the week, my local BLM community found out the devestating news that a dear friend’s rainbow baby has passed away (dated approx 16 weeks I think). She has suffered through the previous losses- that’s right not just one-but two- of her daughter’s to stillbirth, and now this.

It makes you question a lot.


Why is it that people who can’t afford basic needs for themselves like shelter, food, water and clothing, seem to be able to pop out babies no worries, and yet in this community, people struggle, FIGHT, spend thousands and thousands of dollars to attempt to become parents, only to fail, or not manage to carry a baby to term.

How does that work?

In a way, I am glad this year is going so fast, because so far, 2012 isn’t all its cracked up to be…