I dreamed last night of a little girl. Dark ebony hair, dark pools of brown for her eyes, very cheeky. Very beautiful. She was probably about 18 months old.I didn’t seem to alarmed by her, and she seemed to just be around. I wonder if this little girl who appeared to me in my dreams if an indicator of what is to come? Maybe its a prediciton, a sign that everything will turn out ok in the end.

I do have hope that it will. If I don’t hold onto hope, I won’t have anything left.

In the same night, I also dreamed of a tiny premature baby, so small it fitted into the palm of a hand. This little miracle was hooked up to every life support system, but was alert and awake. I could feel the warmth of this tiny baby in my hands. I have no idea what happened afterwards, I can just recall the vision and the feeling of this child.

I wish I knew what these constant dreams of babies meant- if it means anything at all?