I dreamed of you last night… But that is nothing new. Whod have thought, that after 6 years of not seeing you, you still appear in my dreams.  I’ve dreamed of you a fair bit lately- probably because I am concentrating on getting a job as an English teacher, and I look to you as my inspiration of awesome.

But I dreamed of you last night. And as a fellow miscarriage survivour, I hope that this dream is a prediction.

I dreamed that you were my teacher again, and your brought a tiny newborn baby boy with you. He had dark hair, chibby cheeks and dark eyes like yours. He was wrapped up, sleeping peacefully in a baby carrier. You refused to let any of us hold the baby, and continued with your lesson.

The last time I heard anything about you, I ran into one of your colleagues. She said you were travelling a lot, and that there weren’t any children yet. That was about 12 months ago.

How I hope this dream is a foresight into your fututre, a future that yu o very much deserve.