I’m sure  have mentioned my trip to the USA to vsit baby loss mammas? If I haven’t, gues where I am writing htis blog post from? Well, the spare room of my dear friend Kay’s home. In Washington State.

We started out with the typical countdown, and when we got to being a week out, then days, then OHGoDITSTOMORROWIGETTOSEYOU!, it began t0 feel more real. Getting onto a 24 hour flight made it seem real.

Laying eyes on her in the airport, freezing with shock, and prompltly bursting into tears as we hugged for the first time made it finally, properly real. Almost 9 months of waiting lead to this moment.

The first  days or so of the trip were hard, jet lag wise. I didn’t sleep, bar a few snatched hours when my body was so desperate for sleep,and yet at home, it was my normal waking hours…The only exhaustion that I think even comes close, is that when your baby doesn’t sleep for nights on end. I could barely forrm coherent sentences.

So finally, after a night of K and I demolishing 3 bottles of wine, I passed out for a blissful 14 hours. Finally.

K said that this trip was going to be very healing for her personally. I have to admit, it has been for me as well. To just “be” with someone who simply jusst gets it. Its a wonderful feeling.

We have had several sessions of crafting, creating and photographing. Items have been crated for us, and for other mammas out there.

October 15 was spent personalising candles, capturing their glow, and creating flags for our babies who did not get to stay.