My trip here to the US is ending rapidly. I feel happy to be going home to see DF again, but the other half of me is sad, because I don’t want to leave K. It has been so amazing just hanging out. We know each other inside and out, we know each other’s idiosyncrasities, we know how we tick. We have shared so much of our lives togther online, and the immense pain and heartbreak of losing our children, that the days have fallen into a routine of relaxing in each other’s presence.

I think we both imagined that our time would be spent discussing our little ones, but surprisingly that is not that case. They remain with us, a being that need not be acknowledged every day. We have had two (very l0ng!) conversations about our experience, but that has been it.

I guess when you are so close to someone, there is no need for words.

Another part of me is sad that I don’t think I’ll see either K or her DF until our wedding reception- that is if they can afford it. Otherwise, a tentative Jan 2015 has been discussed. But that is FOREVER away.

I am thankful for modern technoloies such as FB, Skype and email. It isn’t the same though after spending an incredible 2 weeks here.

I hate things that end!