I blogged a little while about an old teacher of mine having a baby. It was only a dream, but I dreamed she had a little boy. I only hoped that this would come true.

She was a massive help in easing the pain of my first miscarriage. She was able to share with me that she’d had a loss too. For me, at the time, to know that this woman who I looked up to, who helped shape me into the teacher I am today, it broke my heart to hear that she’d had her chance at motherhood ripped away from her too.

I have recently found out that she is pregnant again, about 16 weeks. Due in April. When I found this out, my heart leapt in joy. I am absolutley overwhelmed that at 33, she’s finally gotten her chance.

I know in my heart, she is going to be an amazing mother. She is an awesome teacher, and an amazing person, and I am glad to say that she is the reason I too became a teacher. I do hope our paths cross again, someday!