It is not something that most 23 year old females are aware of, or even think about.


The in-ability to have convieve a pregnancy, and sustain it.

The work I do in the P&IL community has made me become hyper- aware of this fate that people are forced to succumb to.

On one hand, I am watching a beautiful couple I am good firends with struggle to stay positive despite the continued failure of IVF.

On the other, I am watching my beautiful friend K, at just 22, face the prospect of complete infertility.

Both of these cases are just a few examples of some of the heartbreakng stories I see each day. It makes me wonder, as someone who is possibly facing infertility herself, when do you reach the point that you have to give up, to save your heart, and your head, from the heartbreak that comes along with holding onto hope for so long.

Hope is the reason we get out of bed, the thought that maybe, just maybe, today may be the day that we concieve. And because we have held onto hope, maybe that baby will get to stay. But after months, years, and for some people I have had the honor of working with, when is the point you are able to let go of that tiny shred of hope, and start again?

How do you tell yourself, your SO, that it is time to let go? Time to let go of the dream of holding a tiny newborn in your arms?

How do you give up, give in, and let go of hope?

HOW do you face a life of knowing that there won’t be someone for you to raise, to nurture, to love. How do you accept that and make a new life with you, and your SO?

The only other question I have besides how, is why?

Why do people I love, care for and admire face this choice?

Why is that fair?