Wow. March already!
I haven’t made a post on here since DECEMBER!???
It has been a crazy few months, with a lovely, wamr family Christmas, a wonderful new year, two new jobs in the space of a month, and a move to a new town! Whew!
No wonder I am exhausted!
No news, not that there is ever news, on the baby front. Had a few weeks where I thought it was possible that we had fallen, but no, it was just my body screwing with me for skipping my inactive sugar pills in December to avoid a christmas-day period. Serves me right.
DF and I were having a conversation last night, and I brought up a study I had read about 26 being the “ideal” age for TTC and raising a baby. He flat out said no, as this would be only another 2 years or so away for us. 27 he said. I turn 24 in May, so not far away now, right!?
Ideally, we’d like to have a fair chunk of our mortgage paid off, and a little money in the bank, and I know this. But it doesn’t stop the waiting, the wishing, and the hoping.
Our home is weeks out from being finished! It’s super exciting!It looks amazing, just as we hoped it would. Currently waiting on a completion date so we can move in!
The move in will be hard though, as I have just taken up a country teaching position here in Aus. I’ve moved 600k’s away from my life, my home, DF and my family. But at the end of the day, I am teaching. That is what counts. I think I like it. Definitely better than being a checkout chick. By a long shot.
It’s a tough gig, but thankfully, I’m tough!
It will be worth it when we are saying our vows in October, and I will be able to teach at my pick of schools. I have to keep reminding myself of this.
It will hopefully also see me return to America in 2015 ( HOPEFULLY 2014) to see K again, especially given her heartbreakingly amazing post from when I was able to vist! ( )
I honestly must write about the trip, I don’t think I did. But god I miss her. So very much!

March also sees Lily’s 6th EDD/birthday. The 17th of March always leaves me feeling empty, sad, and thankful for my daughter and the changes she’s made to my life.